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TikTok ban | Is tiktok getting banned

TikTok ban | Is tiktok getting banned

TikTok ban | Is tiktok getting banned


WASHINGTON The former president Trump changed his mind and is now against banning the popular social media platform TikTok. However, his new position isn’t influencing his fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill, even in the face of a full-court press from TikTok and its millions of users.

Legislation that would exclude TikTok from American app stores unless its parent firm, China-based ByteDance, agrees to divest the well-known video-based app is set to be voted on by House GOP leaders on Wednesday.

Even some of Trump’s congressional conservative friends have stated that they have no trouble criticizing the presumed presidential candidate of their party over his recent TikTok revelations.

“Well, he’s not correct. Representative Chip Roy, a member of the far-right Freedom Caucus from Texas, said, “And by the way, he had his own executive orders and his own actions he was doing, and now… he’s suddenly flipped around on that.” I mean, I’ve disagreed with the prior president before, so this isn’t the first or last time. The TikTok problem is really simple.

“I respect and admire President Trump,” stated another Trump supporter, Representative Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Fla. “Nobody dictates to me how I vote on particular issues.”

TikTok ban
TikTok ban

The Protecting Americans From Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act, which was co-authored by Reps. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., and Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Ill., who lead the select committee looking into the Chinese Communist Party, gained momentum last week when it passed the Energy and Commerce Committee on an unusual 50-0 vote. The measure has the support of President Joe Biden.

Energy and Commerce Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., who guided the bill through her committee, stated, “TikTok will have to make a choice as to whether or not they stay connected to ByteDance and ultimately controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, or if they choose to sell and operate in the United States.”

It is anticipated to pass the House on Wednesday, but the Senate, whose leaders claim they are still reviewing the bill, will be a more difficult challenge.

TikTok is seen as a national security danger by politicians from both parties, including FBI Director Christopher Wray. In particular, they fear that TikTok’s more than 150 million users’ personal data may be accessed by the Chinese government, who may then use algorithms to display them movies that could sway their opinions on matters like the impending presidential election.

“Divestment from the Communist Party of China; it’s pretty simple,” Diaz-Balart, whose family left Cuba following Fidel Castro’s takeover, explained of this law. “We would never have tolerated the Soviet Union, the Communist Party of China, or any other entity controlling or possessing NBC or CBS.”

TikTok ban

All members of Congress will attend a confidential briefing by national security authorities on Tuesday afternoon, which will center on the dangers posed by TikTok. During his appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” this week, Trump acknowledged that TikTok poses a significant threat to national security, but he refused to support the app’s ban since doing so would benefit competitor Facebook, whom he referred to as the “enemy of the people.”

In testimony before Congress, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew refuted claims that the Chinese government is in charge of the app and rebuffed claims that China has access to user data in the United States.

Congress adopts the TikTok law in 2024.


TikTok ban
TikTok ban

As of right now: According to Jacob Knutson of Axios, a House committee voted unanimously last week to forward bipartisan legislation that would require ByteDance to give up control of its TikTok app within 165 days.

This week’s House vote is planned, and if it passes the Senate, President Biden has committed to signing it.
Several politicians said over the weekend that they were still unsure about the proposal following a barrage of calls from people who were upset about a potential ban.




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