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Yodha Movie Review Best 2024

Yodha Movie Review

Yodha Movie Review Sidharth Malhotra’s acting thermostat is usually set to mildly warm, no matter the weather. However, Yodha sees Malhotra turning up the heat as an action hero. The 133-minute film is reminiscent of Hollywood thrillers with terrorism themes, casually cool leading men, country-in-peril shenanigans, and pulsating action. Directors Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha maximize Malhotra’s physical agility while minimizing sentimentality.

Arun (Malhotra) is a member of the Yodha commando unit, which is akin to the Navy SEALs. Due to his propensity for taking huge risks during military operations, Arun gets himself into a lot of trouble from which he is unable to escape, even with the help of his high-ranking bureaucrat wife Priyamvada (Raashii Khanna). However, Arun finds redemption when he is involved in a hijack on a plane that is in the air during a pivotal India-Pakistan peace summit taking place on the ground. Among the pilots Arun turns to for assistance are air hostess Laila (Disha Patani) and novice pilot Tanya (Kritika Bharadwaj). However, it is unclear whether the aerial altercation is truly a hijack and whether Arun’s actions are entirely honorable.

Yodha Movie Review
Yodha Movie Review

Pop patriotism (Kashmir!) and layers of cheesiness are added to a bland storyline. Without you, where would the movies be? Sagar Ombre’s writing, however, is not without its surprises. Plenty of expertly crafted hand-to-hand fighting, abundant weapon firing, and gasp-inducing moments serve as a fitting diversion from the incongruity between individuals’ delayed reaction times and the impending threats.

Malhotra is forced to put in extra effort because to the sophisticated production (the set pieces for the planes are especially striking), which he accomplishes without seeming to. The only character who stands out in Malhotra’s Arun is Kritika Bharadwaj.

Yodha Movie Review
Yodha Movie Review

It’s difficult for Raashii Khanna to keep up. Tanuj Virwani plays Arun’s old Army comrade Khan in the cast. While Arun battles his way through deceit and intense drama up in the air, Khan flails around pointlessly in a control center.

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