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Nowruz 2024 Google Doodle celebrates

Nowruz 2024 Google Doodle celebrates

Nowruz 2024 Google Doodle celebrates: ‘Worldwide Nowruz Day 2024’ is celebrated on Tuesday, as marked by the Google Doodle. Everything you need to know about the Persian New Year is provided here, including its date, history, significance, and more.

More than 300 million individuals worldwide celebrate Nowruz, which is the Farsi term for “new day” and is sometimes referred to as the Iranian and Persian New Year. Nowruz, an ancient celebration with Zoroastrian roots, comes closest to the spring equinox, usually between March 19 and March 21. It also marks the start of the Iranian Sun Hijri calendar.

The Silk Road nations of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, India, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan are among those that typically celebrate the holiday.

This is everything you need to know about Nowruz, which is the Persian New Year in 2024.

Nowruz 2024: Calendar Date and Hours

Nowruz 2024 Google Doodle celebrates
Nowruz 2024 Google Doodle celebrates

The Persian New Year, known as Nowruz (also spelled Norooz or Nowrooz), falls on the first day of the vernal sunrise in the northern part of the world. This year, it will fall on a Wednesday, March 20, 2024, with Tehran, Iran marking the precise time on the vernal equinox at 6:36 AM. Nonetheless, the United Nations emphasizes the cultural significance and widespread celebration of Nowruz by designating the 21st of as the World’s Day of Nowruz.

Given that Nowruz is a global holiday celebrated throughout the year, the following are the precise times of Nowruz 2024 in various locations:

History and Significance of Nowruz in 2024

Nowruz 2024 Google Doodle celebrates
Nowruz 2024 Google Doodle celebrates

Observed on the spring equinox, Nowruz, the Persian New Year, has been honored for over 3,000 years, stemming from Zoroastrianism in medieval Persia, or Iran. 300 million people celebrate Nowruz worldwide, a holiday that is significant in the regions of Western and the Middle East, the Caucasus region, the Black Sea Pool, the Balkan region, and South Asia.

This day marks the start of springtime in the northern part of the globe and the rebirth of the natural world. According to UNESCO, this event heralds the entrance of spring and carries deep spiritual significance, signifying the triumph of good over evil and happiness over sorrow.

The festival is well-known for emphasizing harmony, unity, and respect for many cultures in an effort to unite people. The worldwide celebration of Nowruz was formally recognized by the UN in 2010, which strengthened the UN’s position as a catalyst for cross-cultural dialogue and world peace.

Customs that date back centuries include dancing, gift-exchanging, fire-and-water ceremonies, and more. The haft-sin custom, in which families painstakingly arrange seven symbolic objects signifying rebirth and vigor, is the focal point of the celebrations.Nowruz 2024 Google Doodle celebrates

We wish a happy Nowruz Mobarak to all of our readers!

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