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Crew Movie review:A Heist Movie Is Coming Soon That Should Be Harmless

Crew Movie review:A Heist Movie Is Coming Soon That Should Be Harmless

The criminal comedy Crew movie is led by a boisterous and lustful trio of flight attendants, and is at best a patchy production. The low-yield movie glides smoothly onto the assigned runway, but as soon as it’s in the air, it encounters severe headwinds and many uneasy wobbles.
First, the good things. Yes, there are a few, Kareena Kapoor foremost among them, who takes a step back and lets her hair drop carelessly. She truly shines. Even though Tabu is given a very vague character and must bear the brunt of the film’s burden, she too rises above the cacophony.

That being said, a heist film that aims to provide harmless entertainment devoid of any agenda—not even a feminist one, though that would be in order anyway—should be applauded because it’s what it is: an unrepentant caper about the rich denying the country and three members of the struggling middle class who want to pay the rich back with their own money, at a time when a portion of Bollywood is busy forcing selective historical instruction and divisive propaganda movies upon us.

On top of that, Crew would have proved far more enjoyable if it had known how to add some real inspirational touches to the mix. Yes, it is what is glaringly absent from a movie that aims high but falls short of a consistent sparkling source.

Nidhi Mehra and Mehul, who Suri’s screenplay lacks the type of gloss that would pull our focus away from the flaws in the movie. It makes a pathetic attempt at humor. It is only marginally and rarely successful.

The film is driven by three fierce women who don’t mind breaking the law to achieve their own goals. But they don’t talk about gender equality and empowerment from a soapbox. To be clear, they have succeeded in both. They are fighting both against their own personal lot in life and the airline firm they work for.

The main characters of the movie, airhostesses who haven’t received their pay in six months, find themselves in a fortunate situation when their in-flight manager, Ramakant Dayama, passes away around 35,000 feet in the air. They seize it with abandon, only to quickly learn that the quest for gold, however necessary, is not without its difficulties.

Tabu portrays Geeta Sethi, an older Miss Karnal who feels content in her marriage but worries about rising debt defaults and unpaid salary all day long. Jasmine Kohli, played by Kareena Kapoor, was reared by her maternal grandpa, Kulbhushan Kharbhanda. The driven woman hopes to start her own beauty goods firm even though she is having trouble making ends meet. “Always have a Plan B,” is her motto.

As Divya Rana, played by Kriti Sanon, she is from a small town in Haryana with an abandoned airport. Despite having pilot training, she was forced to take a position as an assistant to the cabin crew due to the aviation sector crisis. She keeps the information from

Even though Geeta, Jasmine, and Divya are close friends yet often face challenges to their bond, they don’t back down from a challenge to change their fate. However, they must contend with the relentless Sub-Inspector Mala of Customs (Trupti Khamkar, who sometimes usurps the limelight from the starring females).

The sub-inspector, responding to a tip, directs a comprehensive search of the plane carrying Geeta, Jasmine, and Divya. The three women are compelled to disembark. They are being investigated for possible gold smuggling from Mumbai to a Middle Eastern nation that is not real.

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